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Lost City Radio

Alarcón, Daniel. (2007). Lost City Radio. Harper Collins.

This novel is about loss and grief, about a nation that has been at war, about life lived in secrecy. A private life and another life. Since the nation and the city are not identified it could be anywhere and maybe it is everywhere. It is a nation searching for its identity at the end of war with no clear right or wrong. Norma works at Lost Radio City. Her voice has become a voice for her nation and the lost. "It is her greatest asset, her career and her fate." Her radio show becomes a voice of consolation and of hope, for the Indians in the jungle, the poor of the barrios and of those who have disappeared. Through her efforts of daily reading of those who have disappeared, she has reunited loves and the lost are found. She also has someone who has disappeared in her life. Her life changes with the arrival of young boy from the jungle. This boy brings with him a list of names from his village which includes one of the names of her vanished husband. The question is why was this young boy sent to see her? Her husband Rey right from the beginning of their meeting was an enigma. After their meeting at a social gathering, on their way home he is arrested. He leaves an ID in her pocket with a different name. He has a life from an incident in his youth resulting in his family, father and uncle, having to move to the city. Norma does not see him for over a year. When they meet again he is not forthcoming as too where he was and what happened. Norma is in love and marries him even though being aware of these issues. It is always a question in her mind if he is an Illegitimate, part of the faction which has something to do with starting the war. Through his job as an ethnobotanist he is allowed trips to the jungle several times a year. What was he doing during these trips? What she finds out about this young boy leads her to question her marriage. So what happened to her husband? "It was true. It was always true: You could believe in one thing and it's opposite simultaneously; be afraid and reckless all at once.

Review by Elaine S. Reyes, NHCC Docent/Book Club Member

Available at the NHCC Library:

PS3601.L333 L67 2007

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